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see the way he holds her hair out of her face? Only when a gentleman does such benevolent things will his gargantuan genitalia be worshiped sufficiently! Well done everyone!

Squeegee Beegee!!! Audrey Bitoni All Day!



This part always kills me!


Reminds me of another couple making another movie…


Roger Kumble: This was a difficult day, at least me directing the actors, because you try and direct two actors who are dating and madly in love and have them break up, and they were so great, and you could tell they were—actors talk about emotional recall, and you could tell they were going to places that I didn’t wanna know about. I just wanted to shoot it. And like, Reese hitting him was a spontaneous act. And I wouldn’t call cut because of all the little moments they’d have, but they were so mad at me. Ryan did throw up that day, because they’re just madly in love with each other and this was hard.

My Bestie loves this movie

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Le sigh. I wish.

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Contest or Not?

I sort of want to enter a contest - this means I’d have to focus a bit on a one-shot over the other stories I’ve been working on, but that can be arranged.

My hesitation - the sex factor!

Yup I said it.

I may follow a tumblr full of sexpots, and when it comes to writing it, I can do it. But when you are given picture prompts, you should write about what that picture says to you - easy right!


Because if you want to even come close to winning you have to take a perfectly great story and add sex - which 9 times out 10 ruins the god damn storyline!

I’m so freaking frustrated because I have these great ideas from these pictures, but know that if I want a single vote I need to turn it into a sexy fest.

I lust after him

He’s my muse

BURN - Chapter 6 Teaser!

BURN - Chapter 6 Teaser!

Chapter 5 teaser!
Someone is getting flowers - I wonder who they are from!

Chapter 5 teaser!

Someone is getting flowers - I wonder who they are from!


Do you have a guy friend that you want more from? The one that is there for you, holds your hand and tells you that he loves you. What happens when he can’t make up his mind & someone else comes along and sweeps you off your feet?

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Rise of The Phoenix

A new story/drabble that will start posting on January 1st!

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Chapter 3 - Burn - Pic Teaser!

Chapter 3 - Burn - Pic Teaser!

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